Tolerance is not an endorsement. It is merely and acceptance. I do not agree with your views on the subject. I do not fallow your beliefs. I do accept that it is your right to have them. So long as they do not harm me I shall tolerate them.


If you pray to a God I do not follow, I will not pray with you. I will remain silent in respect for your right to have those beliefs, as I would expect you to do for me.


I will listen to your ideas, I may not like them, I may not agree with them. I may express my own in an attempt to influence you.


I will give you a level of respect, as I do everyone till you prove that your not worthy of it by compromising my trust or by failing to respect me and mine as I have respected you and yours. Even if I loose all respect for you I will not degrade you in private to others with anything I donít say to your face and will choose silence rather then to speak of you unless asked.


I may study your beliefs in an attempt to understand you, but that doesnít mean I will accept them as my own. I will hope you enjoy the holidays you celebrate, and that your family is well. I hope that you are happy. I will enjoy the time we have together involving interests that we do share.


I may choose to simple ignore any irritating habit you have. Or I may let your know that it is bothering me. I will not resort to a physical or verbal attack of you. I may choose not to associate with you in any activity Iím not required to attend. 


No matter how much I dislike you, I like myself enough not to want to be associated with acts of intolerance. Through this tolerance we can get along. Peace is a possibility. Make it your reality and maybe it will spread till we all get along. I know we wonít love everyone and some wouldnít want our love anyway. We can learn tolerance. I Hope.

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