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Reverend Martin J. Walsh Was ordained December 10th, 2004 03:48 AM by the Universal Life Church, Headquartered in Modesto, Cal. USA.

Below are links to my views / sermons.

I'm always interested in knowing what subjects interest you so contact me via the feedback page.

Great News I'm now Chaplin for the Havre de Grace Ambulance Corps. While this will bring a wealth of new challenges I look forward to helping this fine organization.


I have a few more sermons (or rants if you prefer) coming soon.


  • Honor  

    • Thoughts about the word and what it really means
  • Duty
    • Thought beyond the definition
  • Community
    • Thoughts on community and our part in it
  • Family
    • What it means today
  • Tolerance
    • How tolerance can lead to peace
  • Emotions and Hate  
    • My views on emotions  taking hate out of your life
  • God 
    • What is God








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