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I created this area for myself as much as for my web patrons. This area is all pagan links. Here you will find links to what ever interests you and rest assured they are links I too the time to check out. Hopefully you can explore and enjoy them.

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  • Stores These are the sources for all those Pagan goodies we want and need. (General Merchandise)

  • Pagan Websites These are the places that promote paganism, provide information, that don't have the purpose of selling as a prime reason for being.  

  • Music Where you will find the bards wares.
  • Jewelry Where to find all the Jewelry want / need
  • Art Drawings, paintings, sculpture.
  • Authors Where the muse dwells
  • Publishers The companies that bring the pagan works to us.
  • Specialties All those little odds and ends 
  • People Those pagans or people of pagan intrest.
  • Schools Where to continue your Pagan Education.







Ratings: Links are rated by my opinion of the site. If I have purchased or have any other info it will be supplied in addition to the rating. Things of importance to me include finding what I want easily and if I want to buy it how much it will cost. I also like the eye candy.

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