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Rather diverse set of interests

  • Computers- I Have been working with computers since High School. There I learned Fortran, COBOL, and BASIC. Now they are how I make my living.
  • Fire Fighting /Rescue /EMS - I Volunteer for the Susquehanna Hose Company.
  • Animal Rescue - I working on becoming the first animal rescue technician in the area.
  • Tattoos- This is a new area. Here is where I can show off some body art. Both my wife's artwork and mine are shown and links to the shops that did the work.
  • Family Tree Project- This is a new area. My goal here is to show my family tree back to Ireland and identify the correct Walsh Family coat of arms for us.
  • Geocaching- This is a relatively new hobby of mine.
  • Religion - I'm and Ordained Reverend with the Universal Life Church



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