God. Who or what is God? Is God Male or Female? If you believe in God does it mean you donít believe in Goddess? Is that kind of like saying if you believe in dad you donít believe in mom?


Hmmm, Ok God is a supreme being. Or maybe a supreme consciousness is a better term. Parts of it are male, parts female. Or maybe a better description would be that it contains both male and female energies. Or that God is the energy of life. So everything alive has God in it but in their whole is not God.


 Then God is the say milk or water used to make the bread that we are.  With out that liquid the bread would not exist. If all the moisture is allowed to escape the bread it becomes dry and crumbles or hardens to a form you can not enjoy.


Then I think it becomes clear that God is in everything that has life. Your ďsoulĒ is your part of God. Physics tells us that energy does not go away it is transformed. So we donít go away we just change and/or disperse, or accumulate.


What is prayer? Or magic? Or miracles?  Is it the direction and reformation of life energy for a specific purpose?


So God  life energy, in contrast to say light energy in the form of sunlight, or electrical energy in the form of 110 volt AC coming from an outlet. So what is life? Or is God only in conscious life? A living tree, does it have life energy? I canít say if they are self aware or not. I do think it has life energy or it would be dead. So God is in the tree when alive, was in it when dead, and created it when the seed germinated. If I cut it to burn its wood to warm my house is it a sin? Have I harmed God? What if I made a chair to rest in? Or a pew for a church? or to build a church? What about the wheat that was harvested for the flour that made the bread I eat? Or the cow that gave its life for my sandwich.


Is it ok if tree was dead? Reality is that we consume to exist. As the plants need CO2, water, and nutrients from the soil, we need oxygen, water, food, and shelter. Beyond that we get into what we want or need to exist in our society.


So everything seems to need everything else, cycle of life, cycle of the year, the wheel turn, turns, turns.


So if we look we can find God everywhere. So what is the purpose? Why? In my eyes the purpose of existing is to learn, to evolve, to grow. Including; wrong and right, good and evil. What is good? Love, friendship, a loyal dog? What is evil? Hate, war, mean people?


Energy seems to have 3 states stored, positive or negative, Basically is stopped or flowing in one direction or the other. All energy flows including life energy. When it all flows from our body we die. When we are young it flows into our bodies and we grow. But then in death we have actually flowed away from our body rather then life has flowed out of the conscious. The consciousness is part of the energy rather then part of the body.


It is my belief that that last bit of life energy that contains conscious is the purpose of the entire life. Every lesson is stored there. If enough has been learned and is pure enough then it will become part of the supreme consciousness. If not then it will reincarnate until the knowledge is attained and purity is of a level good enough to return to the supreme consciousness.


So what happens when the knowledge is present but the purity is not good. That is evil, As the chaos of life energy is slowly sorted by knowledge and life choices. Some will choose evil. So in doing so the balance of the chaos is reviled. There is no good with out evil or you would not know what good was it would just be what is. In the end when the chaos is gone it will be reviled and if balance is present both sides will be equal if not the truth will be reviled. It seems that both are needed to sort the life energies.


Because I choose good does that mean someone else is drawn to choose evil. Or will the balance ensure that the person with the evil heart in their life energy choose it. I think God gave us all a mix of the chaos and in the end we choose which ways to sort be it good from evil or evil from good. If we all choose good then evil will just be the leftover rather then a separate consciousness. If the majority chooses good then the supreme consciousness will be the stronger or the two. We live in a world that is not black and white what is good for the one is not always good for the many but that does not make it wrong. In the chaos is the gray neither good nor evil both. Both were born of it, they are both part of it. As are all of us. Learn to be able to decide, then decide wisely, ours is not to judge the choices others make though.



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