Emotions and Hate


Emotions are power they can motivate people to do what they otherwise are unable to accomplish. Hate is often viewed as the strongest emotion. It is seen that way for the horrid things that have been done with it. Hate and rage have resulted in much death, pain, and suffering. Hate tends to breed more of the same through revenge.


Why do you hate them, because they have what I do not, because they get everything for nothing, because people of their heritage wronged people of my heritage…. The reasons go one and one even simple act seems capable of provoking rage a rage then leads to hate.


So to contain the beast of rage helps to prevent succumbing to the hatred. What brings the rage? Stress brings the rage. Stress from work, money, family, the drive, hunger, music, emotions of those around you, color, smells, memories, a touch, a gesture, a story, exhaustion, a death, ………


If all these things lead to hate and hate is the evil that spawns more of its own then how do we overcome? Intelligence!  Friendship! Love! Positive attitude! All sounds great but your thinking walk in my shoes, live my life and see if the crap doesn’t get you down too.


I have a manager at work the tries to take life and adapter the stories to meaningful lessons for us. This is very much in the same manor as the stories in the bible can provide us with guidance, but as with the bible some stories can seen in different ways. This leads back to the crap. He took his child to a soccer game and upon arrival he was told by several parents of the previous game (about to end) to have his child watch out for the pile of dog crap on the field (given many cute names like poo poo), even one of the referees warn him about the pile. To this he and another man respond by going to a nearby trash can removing 2 pieces of cardboard and scooping up the crap and putting in into the trash can. He then says to us are you one of the people that spot problems then alert others to them or do you find solutions and correct them. Now to the whole point of this long drawn out story. Our response was neither we are the field crapped on again and nothing we can do about it without approval to fix the problem until it goes through a ton of people and a solution is authorized.


The point you never seem to see all angles someone will view a situation from. Now we were all very light hearted about it. Refusing to let it get us down, yet you can see from the response that in order to have seen that angle we were all in a high stress environment. This is illustrated by our lack of control. Now why could we just laugh it off smile and go one. Why do the same stress levels that destroy some cause others to thrive?


Copping mechanisms: Firefighters, Police, and EMS workers have to see some pretty horrible things. We call them in when our lives have taken horrible turns for the worst. When an incident is very bad they have critical incident stress debriefings. Sometime we all need to recognize that we need to have our own debriefings. Take the time to set our priorities in our lives, decide what really matters to us. Then find out how we can get and keep it all together. Financial stress is easier managed when there is a plan, but some stresses we have no easy why to cope with. As these stress come into our lives we work through them then take time to heal. Yes heal, you need to find the medicine in your life that heals your internal wounds. Is it a long evening walk in a natural setting, or Yoga, or kick boxing, or knitting, or reading? Is it a prayer, ritual, or bicycle ride? Find it, give yourself the time to heal. When we are wounded is when we are at are weakest. Don’t hurt the ones you love.


Understand there are people in this world that you will strongly dislike, try not to hate them. Bring love into your life. Share it with those around you and you will discover that it can breed to. Though acts of love and kindness may not make the evening news they do make the world a better place. Stop and think… realized that when you are having a really rotten day and just want to get home that letting that other driver out is really better then ‘’Ah _*^~ em’, they can’t merge in front of me!!!” You just might get a smile from them and know that because of you their day was a little better. What goes around comes around. What you sew so you shall reap. Plant love and kindness in your world. Harvest a better place for you, your family, and friends.


Remember we are a thinking species. Our advantages over our environment have always been our ability think and engineer a solution. Brute force and hatred will not produce a solution that betters our environment. That is also not to say that you should bow down and give in to allow those that choose this method to harm you or yours. It is to say think first, try to understand, fight to protect, and to restrain. Not to harm or kill. 

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