My computer experience goes back to Fall of 1981 Sophomore year in Davenport West High School, Davenport, IA

In high school I learned Basic, COBOL, and FORTRAN. I worked with and bought my own Apple 2+ computer. COBOL and FORTRAN was done on the HP 3000 main frame. Largely with computer cards. During my Senior year I used to haul the boxes of cards to the mainframe each evening. This involved learning the basics of keypunch repair.

Next I got a old teletype from AT&T (they upgraded). It allowed me to connect to the HP 3000 from home.

From High School I went into the USAF. Computers were more of just a hobby there.

After I got out I still maintained my love of computers, but it continued to just be a hobby until we moved to Maryland where it became a hobby extreme. I owned and operated Panagea BBS. It was hosted on a separate phone line in my house. Hosting a BBS Involved not only being part of a network that was coast to coast in the US but also helping new users connect by writing modem strings for virtually every type of modem, keeping email, games, and message boards available approx. 23 hours a day.

During part of the time this was in operation I was Commissary Manager for the Baltimore Zoo. There I controlled the data base for billing and inventory of animal maintenance and feeding supplies.

Panagea BBS is long since gone now. After it I did freelance computer work for individuals and a few small businesses, with my paying positions involving management positions. I didn't enjoy computers as my full time employment until I went to work at Constar Plastics. Shortly after starting I worked my way into the day shift maintenance technician. I took care of their token ring network, computerized inventory, printers, date coders, and even install a new Ethernet to connect the parts inventory to the library.

From Constar I went to work for Eastern Moving and Storage, a Belkins Agent. I start just doing some freelancing then I started working there full time as they had alot of issues to be resolved.

I work as a contractor to the Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Dept. of Information Services now. I primarily work as a lead tech. for workstation issues but was working as a Systems Administrator prior to all sys admins being removed from the contract.

I still do freelance work from time to time so feel free to send me some feedback if you need some work in the Havre de Grace, Maryland area. Coming soon are training pages and links to computer security stuff.


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